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Cappadocia for (not so) cheap

2010 juillet 5

On my scale: expensive place

I was just at the begining of my trip and suffer of a big lack of experience, but let see some prices I found:

2 TL = 1 €


Accomodation (dormatory, without breakfast, Kookaburra Pension, unpleasant place…): 15 TL (7.5 €).
To eat:
- sandwiches : 3 / 4 TL (1.5 / 2 €)
- beer : 5 TL (2.5 €)
- paquet of cigaret : 4.50 TL (2.5 €)


Accomodation (double room for one person, with breakfast, Internet, Old Greek Pension, very good place, I was very lucky to be the only tourist of the village) : 15 TL

Everything (food, drink…) is a bit cheaper here.


Travel only by hitchicking on this area, it’s very easy and Turkish people are very helpfull. Official sites are quite expensive, but walking is free :), and there is a lot to see in the countryside, or in old town ruins. You can rent scooters, and hot-air balloon rides, if you don’t know how to spend your money (in this last case, at least, champagne is free. But I don’t know if they let you go with the bottle)

You can stay in Cappadoce for 20, 25 euros per day, depending on how many touristical places your are ready to pay for.

More about Turkey.

This is just a feedback from my experience. If you got some usefull tips, share it in the Comments !

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