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Lebanon for cheap

2010 octobre 27

lebanon for cheap

On my scale: expensive country.

2000LL = 1€

1500LL = 1$

Visa (Fr): free

local cigarettes: 750 LL / 0.40 €. Smokable. Marlboro’s are around 2500LL

sandwich: 2000 to 4000LL / 1 to 2€

beer : 750 to 3000LL / 0.40 to 1.50€ You will need to be lucky

Internet cafe (1h): 1000 to 3000LL / 0.50 to 1.50€

If you are in Beirut, please go at Le Chef: a restaurant with reasonable prices for a very good food and a warm Welcome! (or a few hundreds of “Welcome”, you’ll see). It’s in Gemmayzeh, the modest place is well known.


- Beirut:

Talal Hotel: 8$  /12000LL / 6€. Roof, without breakfast, beers, Internet (slow) access, when the power supply is working, nice personnel. Dormitories are 10$.

Alternatively, Pension al Nazih (street face to Talal) & Hotel Shahbaa (Rue Pasteur) have durmatories for a reasonnable price.

- Saida (Sidon):

Hotel d’Orient: 13$  /20000LL / 10€. Double room, without breakfast, dirty, shitty place

- Tripoli (Trablous):

Hotel Koura: 20$  /30000LL / 15€. Dormitory, with breakfast, the personnel send you to bed at 22 o’clock ??!? If you are really stucked.

Others :

Here you’ll use both US dollars and Lebanese Livres.

Notice that most of the more expensive prices refers to Beirut city, otherwise it is cheaper, especially if you can escape from touristic places.

Looking to the price level, access to touristic places is quite reasonable. Transport inter-cities also, but some bus drivers gonna try to trick you, be vigilant.

In most of bars, the local beer is 7000LL, strong alcohol is around 12000LL. Entrance to nightclubs is between  15000 to 20000LL. Very good club in Gemmayzeh is the Lakay (check on Facebook for further information). BO18 is the most well known (and impressive) disco. The Basement, and unbelievable DJ Jade is THE  Electro place.

You can stay in Lebanon for less than 20€ per day,.. Or a lot more if you want to enjoy the nightlife.

This is just a feedback from my experience. If you got some useful prices information, share it in the Comments !

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