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The lost girl

2010 août 25

@ Wadi Mujib waterfalls

I’ve met Machteld at the Abbasi Palace Hotel, in Haman. She was traveling since a few weeks: Transiberian, Beijing, and fleeing a bad experience in Thailand. She just spend her birthday alone, the previous day, in Dubai airport, and was expecting to join a friend of her in Tel-Aviv – which wasn’t here in fact -. We spent good time drinking unreasonable expensive beers for her 26 years old on this evening, and the next one… and another one.

What was she doing in Jordan? Close to be short of money? Hesitating to go in this, or this place? (we just share a one-day-trip to Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve)

Machteld was a good student, she just escape her last boring trainee experience in her native country, Netherland, and an anticipated-as-boring-job as a legal expert. Not a big fan of all the old stones stuff, she is traveling to encounter persons, foreign cultures. And so she does, well, with her ability to speak about everything, her open mind, her French basis, and an empathic personality.

She doesn’t allow herself to take time to rest. Time to feel? Time to waste. Always thinking about next move.

She left as suddenly as she comes, four days after discovering Amman.

I don’t doubt she’ll find her way, at home. I just hope she’ll do fast.

I don’t know well yet what I’m expecting of my own travel. By her side, I have learned that I’ll may go home without finding my own answers.

Who does? Who cares? What’s the point?, just don’t give a shit: enjoy the time you can spend traveling.

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  1. Federico permalink
    août 25, 2010

    Nicely written!!

    • août 25, 2010

      Thanks man :). Even if I don’t feel enough comfortable yet in English…
      Where are you now ?

  2. Kata permalink
    août 27, 2010

    I believe that everything has a meaning. No matter whether you are at home or anywhere else around the world. But there is a difference…

    When you are in the well known environment, you are not likely to notice the little things. You feel that life is a rush and there is no time for anything more than your daily routines. That restrains your intuition.

    However, when you travel, you are grabbed out of your everyday life. The world around you changed. Your senses are more intense, your curiousity increases, and you become open to absorb what you see. That gives you the chance to follow your senses, articulate your own questions, listen to your heart and live in the moment…

  3. septembre 2, 2010

    That’s maybe why I leaved. But I’ll truely tell you if it works when I’ll be back home -and if I am :)-.
    Nice to see you here, and nice comment btw :)

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